Welcome Our Computer Overlords

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So I’m on a low carb diet. Been that way for over a month and have started figuring things I can eat when I’m eating out. Currently I can eat pretty much anywhere, except maybe sushi.

Sunday after church we went to Taco Cabana. I like TC, it is high quality fast food. Have eaten there quite a bit in the past few years.

One of the things I’ve learned I can eat at Mexican restaurants is fajitas, though they can be boring if you are just eating the meat. Recently I figure out to make it more fun is to pour queso over the meet. I know you low fat people are cringing right now, but it is good and low carb.

Back to Sunday. TC is offering a special deal. Fajitas for 2 only $7.99 with beans and rice. Well beans and rice are right out on low carb. Since we aren’t going to eat them, there is no point getting them. “But hey”, we think, “since I’m saving them the expense of some beans and rice, maybe they could substitute my queso.”

So we ask the guy at the counter to do that. But he doesn’t know how. At least he went to ask, then he came back and said “There is no way to enter that in the computer.”

Is the computer the arbiter of customer service? Apperantly so. But bright boy that I am, I figure we can just go around the computer. “Well can you just do it and not enter it in the computer.”

“No, man there are cameras everywhere.”

The overlords are watching and if you don’t go through them you will be punished.