Name: Ron Davis

Birthday: January 14.

If you want my life in story form, check out the blog post My Story.

Me Feb 2019

Married to a better woman than I deserve. She has a PhD in Rhetoric from Purdue University. We’ve been married since 1988 and have the best marriage of anyone I know, and I know some people with really good marriages.

We have two brilliant and upstanding sons. My eldest started college in the summer of 2006 at the age of 14 at Lone Star College, and now has his degree in actuarial science from the University of Texas in Austin. If you don’t know what an actuary is – like I didn’t – his best description of it is “a bookie with people’s lives”.

Since graduating he’s done zero actuarialing. Instead he’s become a new kind of write. He writes interactive stories online and has a patreon with enough supporters to cover his live expenses.

My youngest finished his Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Text at Abilene Christian University in 2015 and his a Masters of Divinity in 2019, also at ACU.


Owner/Center Manager, Osteostrong Abilene South

Osteostrong is the Ultimate Biohack. Their proprietary technology allows you to create stronger bones and muscle in just 10 minutes once a week. I first heard of it in Jan 2022 and opened Nov 28th.

Professional Mentor, Distinctions For Life.
I will help you get what you really want out of life. I do with with ambitious people in my elite one-on-one mentoring program.

I’ve been an active Toastmaster since 2014 as a member of Clearly Speaking Toastmasters. During my Toastmaster’s journey I’ve learned leadership by being the Vice President Education and Vice President Public Relations for my club. I’m currently serving as the Public Relations Manager for Toastmasters District 25. I’m also the co-founder a new club in Abilene called Abilene Advancing Speakers. I hope to finish my Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM – the black belt of public speaking) in 2018.


I co-hosted on On Podcasting, a podcast about podcasting for podcasters by podcasters.

I was executive producer and co-host a interview podcast, The Photographer & Model Podcast. Every week my co-host Shawna Rencher and I interviewed a photographer or model about art, working together and the experience of model photography. It was fun while it lasted, but we both moved to different parts of the country and haven’t done P&M in months.

I had an EMS podcast called Confessions of an EMS Newbie. Each week I talked to my paramedic mentor Kelly Grayson about what I was learning in paramedic school. Not producing new shows, but it is still a good resource if you are studying to be an EMT or Paramedic.

Podcasting Teacher
In December of 2016 I started Launch A Pod with my good friend and fellow podcaster Aaron Frankel. We will teach you how to build a podcast that lasts. We closed down in December of 2018.

Software Engineer
I’ve been programming the MacOS, both OS9 and OSX since 1993. I’ve worked for Datawatch(back when they made Mac software),metrowerks(back when they were an independent company), Apple, Pervasive and Alsoft. I’ve written articles for MacTech magazine and a book for Sam’s/Macmillan: Tango Web Application Construction Kit (No it has nothing to do with dance, but these people think so.).

In 2014 I started my own software company, Reactuate Software. Right now it does iOS development, website development and various other kinds of programming. I like to say “I solve people’s problems. Normally with software” because not all business problems are about the website.

Licensed Paramedic
I was a Licensed Paramedic in Texas. I’m not currently practicing though.

I’m a people photographer via Reactuate Photography. I also taught model photography online at Photographer & Model.

B.A. Mass Communication from ACU, 1988
B.A. Computer Science from ACU, 1993

Religion: Christian (Protestant, Third Wave, currently attending Beltway Park North Church).

Inside the Actors Studio Questions
Originally created by Bernard Pivot, asked by James Lipton to each guest on the show.

What is your favorite word?
What is your least favorite word?
(I’m working on this one)
What turns you on?
Good looking women in high heels and short skirts.
What turns you off?
What sound or noise do you love?
A satisfied sigh when I curl up next to my wife.
What sound or noise do you hate?
What is your favorite curse word?
F**king S**t, which technically isn’t a curse word, merely vulgar.
What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
Writer or EMT (Well I’ve done both of those…) Entrepreneur (OK I’m doing that one now). Filmmaker.
What profession would you not like to attempt?
President of the US. No matter who you are you’ll be hated intensely by millions of people.
If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?
“Thank you.” (Have to admit I got that from actor Danny Glover.)

Pictures of Ron

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