I Started a Business

It is crazy that I haven’t written a blog post in over a year. Right after The Adventures of Space Girl Red came out. A lot has happen. A crazy amount. Not the least of which is I bought a franchise for Osteostrong and opened a brick and mortar wellness business. Technically a Biohacking business….

I Wrote A Book

Guess it is past time for the annual Reactuate blog post. Sheesh I used to write here multiple times a day. Now I have to check to see if I’ve written this year. In July. On February 14, 2022, I release my first novel, The Adventures of Space Girl Red on Amazon in eBook format….

The Maker’s Prayer

Creator God, you formed the universe out of nothing.You made all that we see, and all we don’t.You made the rules and laws guiding the universe of matter.From this you birthed the material of our craft.Thank You. Creator God, you show us the greatest artistry.You turn light into sugar and trees,In an ironic twist worthy…

Abilene Building vs SpaceX Starship Size

This image if of a test fire of 3 of the 30 Raptor engines that will carry the Space X SuperHeavy into orbit. This is just the booster. That’s the part that carries the Starship part to orbit and then returns and lands on Earth to be reused. The combination of these two craft is…

Chaos Week At Davis Home

Well it has been an interesting week here at the homestead. We’ve had a number of major house projects that we’ve put off. At the beginning of the year we started planning those and by March we were getting quotes. The reason this week, and really last week was the beginning, has been the most…

Hello Sweetie

Why do all my Teslas come from Florida? Contessa by 2014 Model S was bought used from a man in Fort Myers Florida. I found him online, negotiated a price, and flew to Florida. He picked me up at the airport and we went to a local Chase bank, where I paid him. Then I…

Birthday Car Fund

On December 4th I wrecked my beloved car. Got an estimate in Abilene and thought it would be returned to me whole. But once the Tesla-approved body shop got to looking, that estimate doubleed. My Model S was a 2014 with 145,000+ miles on it, which means the value wasn’t going to cover repairs needed….