Low Carb Diet: Day 30


Thirty days ago I started a low carb diet and a few days later posted about it. Well the book I was following was a 30 day book, so it seem time to give you an update. If a picture is a 1000 words, here they are:

Since I didn’t give weight details at the start here they are:

Starting Ending Change
Weight 216.8 205 -11.8
% Body Fat 32.7% 31.0% -1.7%
Hip Measurement 41 in 40 in 1 in
Waist Measurement 39 in 37.3 in 1.7 in

That is a loss of 7.8 lbs of fat in 30 days. Don’t know if the other 4 lbs is muscle or other lean body mass. And I’m not sure how accurate my scale is on BF. I use it mainly for trend data and the trend is down.

The book said men would lose between 12-20 lbs of fat. I didn’t do that anyway you look at it. One thing to take into account is I weight 220 just a few days before starting the diet. I lost 4 lbs before starting, which I’m sure was mostly water. So the water weight you lose at the beginning of a diet was already gone when I started. If you add that 4 lbs of water weight in, I lost 15 lbs, which would be accurate.

Either way I’m happy. My weight is down and I don’t feel like I’m on a diet. I go through ups and downs on eating the food, but mostly its is fine. I can keep this up for a long time. I’ve decided when I hit 198 I’m going to take a day off and eat crap. French Fries, Bread, Ice Cream Candy. Then I will puke and go into a sugar coma. Then I’ll go back on the low carb is keep going down.

I had this belief in my mind that I used to – like in the last year – struggle right at 190. Couldn’t go down, but didn’t rise much over that. Well I caught up entering all my weights for the last few years into my excel spreadsheet and here are the results.

As you can see I haven’t been under 195 in two years. I’ve been riding the 200 mark for awhile. And the trend line shows a steady increase as I age. I need to watch this.