How Long Have I Been A Photographer


So I joined Linked In a few weeks ago. It is a professional networking site where you enter all the places you’ve worked and connect with old colleagues. Today I noticed I’d forgot to put Apple in my list of places I’ve worked. So I went to add it and realized I didn’t remember the dates. Then I noticed I don’t have dates for any of my jobs. Including when I started Reactuate Photography.

So I started going back and trying to figure out how long its been. I’m going to say the company started when I went to Rolando’s Gomez’s Glamour workshop. Turns out that was in August of 2004. I remember going for a walk with the Mrs after coming back and telling her “I think this is an art I could do.”

Guess it is.

I get asked by models and such how long I’ve been doing this. I usually say a couple of years this time. I was a full time portrait photographer for about a year right out of school. That was years ago though.


  1. Linoge says:

    I do not mean to ask a somewhat personal (and relatively dumb) question, but did you have any previous schooling in photography before that seminar? You mention being a portrait photographer, but anything beyond that? There seem to be far too many routes into that particular field, and I am just curious, I suppose.

  2. Ron says:

    I have a BA in Mass Communication Radio/TV and for that I took 1 class in photography. It was focused on photojournalism.

    Few photographers have formal training, even those at the top normally got there via apprenticeship or self teaching.

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