Stupid Customs Stuff

Via a comment on Tom Kyte’s blog. He has a post about them trying to search his laptop for porn at the border and not being able to figure out the computer. In the comments one poster talks about the stupidest thing he’s seen at customs.

…the strangest thing I have seen was during the UK’s binary liquid explosive scare a security guard confiscating bottles of liquid and pouring the contents into a large container, then handing the empty bottles back.


  1. alandp says:

    When I was truck driving, I had to go into Canada once. My pepper spray was confiscated because it was a “dangerous offensive weapon.” Right.

    Then the customs goofball asked me if I wanted the sheath back.

  2. Pepper Spray says:

    I always tell my wife to practice holding the pepper spray in her weak hand so that she has her strong hand to help fight away an attacker in case they get too close. Most people automatically grab the pepper spray with their strong hand and try to push away an attacker with the pepper spray in their hand. That does not do any good. So practice holding the pepper spray in your weak hand.

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