It is 4 freaking AM on Monday morning and I’m suffering from insomnia. Its actually a little strange to me because I feel like I worked all weekend. The workshop was very busy. You got there at 9, there was about and hour, hour and a half of talking and then you started shooting and kept going until 5:30 or so. You ate lunch standing up in a few minutes between shoots.

There was no shortage of shooting the models. I took over 284 images. That’s how many I brought back, I know I deleted some in camera if the eyes were soft or there was camera shake or any of the other obvious problems. At least I did the second day. The first day I took a lot of picture that would have been good, but the eyes were soft.

I’ll post more info tomorrow. I just spent a hour or so picking, Photoshopping and uploading picture for my Garage Glamour portfolio. I’ll be creating my own online portfolio sometime this week, so you can see bigger pictures than GG allows me.

Now I’m going to try and get a couple hours sleep before I have to go to work.