Nikon D70


I have a new camera. I’ve saved up some money from my software business for a few months and have about half the cost of the D70 with the lens. I got to thinking about the workshop this weekend and how it was going to cost me $140 to get my slide film processed and put on CDs. That would take a big chunk out of the savings. And I was pretty convinced I was going to go digital real soon.

See I suck when it comes to getting exposure right. I’m pretty sure the only way to fix that is to practice. Of course the round trip from taking a picture on a film camera to seeing the picture is at least 30 minutes, and more likely a day. Plus it costs money every time you click the shutter.

With digital feedback is in seconds. Cost per picture goes down every time you click the shutter, as it is all capital up front.

So last night I went to Ritz Camera and bought the D70. Its a cool camera and I’m looking forward to seeing how it works this weekend. I’m a little bit wary of using a brand new camera at this workshop, but I didn’t really understand everything about my old camera either. Plus others there will have more experience with the camera than I have. I know the guy running the workshop uses a Nikon digital SLR.

I played with it last night and took some worthless pictures, so there aren’t any to post yet. Should have some at the end of the weekend.

We have to pay an extra fee to the models if we want to post the pictures we take to any website. I was going to have to pay all three with film, just to make sure my good pictures could be used. Now I can actually look at the pictures and tell which ones I want to use online, and only pay those models.

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