Professional Photography For Business

I wrote this as a post a year ago on an internet business forum I’m a member of. I got a question about it today and thought it would make a good post for this blog. Interestingly a photography post NOT suitable for my photography blog. Written Aug 20, 2008 Was trying to cram Book…

Valerie Whitaker & My AR-15

I bought a day after Barak Obama was elected president from Talon Arms and named it after Barak. I mentioned this in the past, but hadn’t posted any pictures. Well now I will. I was scheduled the Sunday after I bought it shoot with nude model Valerie Whitaker, so I asked if I could bring…

New Photography Site

I’m not sure who reads my blog or why. I think it is an eclectic crowd. I think some of them are here for the photography, so I’ll let them know about something new I’m doing. It is called Glamour Apprentice and I need to know what people want to know. So if you are…

Fitness shoot with Ashley H

I’ve been trying to expand my fitness portfolio so a few weeks ago I got together with a dancer model my partners had recommended highly for a fitness shoot. I think it came out well.

Eye-Fi Review

I have a dream.

In the dream I’m at a photoshoot in my studio. I’ll take a picture of a lovely model and in a moment the image will show up on my laptop across the studio.

No wires, just wireless tether.

Models: Preparing for the Shoot

Great article for models on what they should do to prepare for a shoot. I always wanted to write such an article for my Photographers Guide to Models series. Now I’ll just like to this article.

How To Shoot In a Doorway

Here’s a little video I made for the studio’s newsletter. I shot it in high def but that gets seriously downsized here. Shooting In A Doorway from Ron Davis on Vimeo.