Mother of Seven

Had a shoot this weekend with Holly Hernadez. She’s the mother of seven children. Yes, seven. And she gave birth to all of them with no multiples. And she doesn’t work out.

UPDATE: Just to stoke my ego. I ask models for references so I can put them on my website and online portfolios. Here’s the one Holly sent me today:

“Ron Davis, summed up in one word is genius. I had an amazingly fun time at our shoot. I am fairly new to this and Ron and his wife made the shoot comfortable and inviting. I couldn’t wait to get my photo’s and see what he was able to do with me. When I received them I was speechless at how he captured just the right expressions and just the right shots at just the right time. His amazing abilities to touch up and finish the photos left me with pictures that I can’t wait to show off!”

Here’s a few pictures.

Holly 1

More after the jump

Holly Headshot
Holly Gun

And the first time I’ve shot my car. I need to move it further back to get it to go more out of focus.
Holly and Shelia
Holly Closeup

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  1. Oran Woody says:

    Absolutely wonderous. Genetics win over effort everytime.
    I’ve a lifetime of clean living and faithful exercise, yet am closer to being Jaba the Hut than to being as fit as she is.
    Stunning work by the photographer is the only answer that I can come up with to validate that kind of beauty.

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