My Mind Is Already Gone


Don’t think I’ve mentioned it but the family and I are going on a cruise for Christmas. My in-laws have started taking the family a trip every holiday time instead of having them come together at home. Last Thanksgiving it was Disneyworld. This year it is a cruise. We’ll be leaving out of Galveston Texas on Saturday and be gone all week.

On one hand I’ve felt a little trepidation about this trip. First it was the prospect of spending a week with my in-laws. I don’t dislike them, I just don’t really have a lot to talk about with them. And I’m not a great small talker anyway.

The other trepidation is spending a week with 2 teenage boys who’s only form of fun is video games and the internet. There will be no internet and games are probably going to be limited. I’m sure there will be complaining. And we have to live in the same room with them. They’ve had their own rooms since they were 6 because they can’t go to sleep because they fight non-stop when in the same room together. And that means no wild monkey with the Mrs.

But I’ve been getting more into the thought for the past week. I had to buy a suit – well a blazer and pants – so I can dress up. Which is kind of cool for a guy that at the office overdress is slacks. And it looks like my eldest and I are going to try SCUBA in Belize City, which should be fun.

I’m taking some books, Smart Faith and Point of Impact. I’m also taking my camera and my laptop. I’m actually thinking I might start working on a novel I started a year or two ago. We’ll see.

Now I’m sitting at my desk thinking about being the in sun in 2 days. It will be fun. I may write blog entries while I’m gone, blogging the experience and then post them when I get back. That would be interesting.