How Do You Know If A Business Idea Will Work?


This is a question I’ve been asking myself a lot lately. I’ve got a number of money making ideas, but I don’t know which I should do. To some extent I know I should do what I love, but most of my ideas come under that. If I don’t like the idea I stop thinking about it. So I’m left with which one?

My internal process says I should pick the one that will make the the most money on its own. The one I can put the time into now and get the $10,000 days out of in the future. Ones that will bring a steady stream of income in so I can do the other interesting things that don’t generate income – like taking pictures of pretty girls.

But how do I know if an idea will work. I can think it will work, but how do I know? I’m not asking for absolute surety, but I want something better than “If I can do 1% of what myspace does, I’ll be a millionaire.”.

This seems a classic entrepreneur question that has to have been answered a 1000 times.

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