Diet Update


Because I know y’all are waiting with baited breath to find out how I’m doing. It is 3 weeks into the diet now and I’m 199.4 (-11.6 lbs) this morning after a weekend with some cheating. The Mrs made me make homemade ice cream and chocolate chip cookies for a church thing. It is impossible to do that an not cheat. 🙂 But the effects weren’t too bad, I’m only up .2 lbs from Friday.

Did I mention I’m involved in a bet with a co-worker on who can lose the most in a month? I am and it has helped me keep on when the diet was boring and I was plateauing. I do plan on pigging out at the end of those four weeks though :).

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  1. countertop says:


    Good for you. I started my “eat less walk more” diet about 5 weeks ago. Took me 4 weeks to shed 7 pounds – from 203 to 206. Last week, I got real sick and lost another 10 pounds. I really haven’t been able to eat much and tonight had my first regular meal since last monday. Most of the 10 was in water weight initially, though after re-hydrating I’ve been able to keep 5 of it off and am now thrilled to have maintained 190 all weekend long.

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