Time Warp


For reasons I’m not really sure of I ended up starting to read Shelli’s blog entries from 2 years ago. I read all the way to 2005 and then had to stop. Then I decided I’d go see what was happening on my blog 2 years ago. It is very interesting to read what was going on then.

Here’s a quick about me I AM from Nov 3, 2003.

I am..
Loving :: (still) the Mrs.
New to Watching :: The guys outside my office window mix concrete.
Reading :: Understanding Exposure by Brian Peterson
Listening :: The Police
Website :: Garage Glamour
Movie :: Lord of War
Software :: WordPress 1.5 – till I get ecto back
Learning :: Exposure
Creating :: Pinup shoot tomorrow morning
Font :: ??
DVD :: The Aviator is at home from NetFlix
Anticipating :: Shelli’s birthday party tonight
TV Show :: Battlestar Galactica