Interesting sidebar about me


I was reading Gennie’s resent travails with trolls, and followed a commenter to her website and found the side bar interesting. The I Am part. This is good stuff. It provides instant about me information. I may add it in the future.

For what it’s worth here’s a quick take on my own.

I am..
Loving :: the Mrs.
New to Watching :: Angel
Reading :: Nothing right now
Listening :: Prince
Website :: Fark
Movie :: Bulletproof Munk
Software :: Kung-Log
Learning :: PHP
Creating :: Moving the wife’s blog
Font :: ??
DVD :: Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season3, Soprano’s Season 3
Anticipating :: Firefly: The Complete Seires DVD
TV Show :: Smallville

I may have to create a new category for blogging tips if I keep this up.

Written while listening to “Delirious”
album The Hits 2
by Prince
Written while listening to “1999”
album 1999
by Prince