Still Naked


And they won’t give me my clothes back. I got a message from Apple today saying they are waiting on a part for my PowerBook. I’m not sure I’ll survive if I have to go the weekend with out my baby.

I’ve gotten used to doing mail via the web. Not too bad give the way Dreamhost does it.

I can live with entering blog entries via WordPress. Though I just don’t do it as much.

But I need access to my photo images. They are on a backup drive, but I don’t think I have Photoshop there and installing it will be a pain. And I shot some stuff Monday night of the Mrs, but it is still in the camera because I haven’t got a computer to download it to. Guess I’ll have to use the Mrs computer. And I’m probably going to have a shoot this weekend. Again I’ll have to download images to the Mrs computer.

Somebody call the Waaamulance.