MacWorld San Francisco


Meant to post before I left, but got caught up in getting ready. I’m in San Francisco this week for MacWorld. This is the first time I’ve had access to the internet.

The show has been good. If you’ve ever worked a trade so you know the thing you think about most is that your feet hurt. Which has been true here too. Even though I’m gell’n. šŸ™‚

Big announcement was that Apple is releasing Intel machines. That’s a pain for my company because we have to do a lot of work to get out main product to work under Intel. But its good the first gen is out the door so they can start working the kinks out of it.

I haven’t had a chance to play with those machines, though I got a demo of Aperture. It’s interesting, but the system requirements are beyond me now.

Other than that not a big deal. My best story is that I looked over at another booth one day a there was black and white picture of a model being used for a demonstration. I looked closer and thought “Hey that’s one of my models! That’s Tiffani.” And sure enough it was. I went over and talked to the demo guy and he told me the photographer to took the shot. It’s a small world.