My Birthday


Saturday was my birthday, thought I’d give a recap of the day because I need to blog something.

Day started at midnight with a way overpriced Margarita in the San Francisco airport. We were catching the red eye back to Houston and I thought the alcohol would help me sleep. But alas there was a long time before we actually got on the plane and it had little effect.

Couldn’t sleep on the plane. Mostly because I just have trouble doing that and also because the old guy sitting next to me would start stomping on the floor every time he fell asleep. There was also a medical emergency two rows behind me. They asked for anyone with medical training and someone who spoke Vietnamese. Apparently a kid was running a 105 degree temperature.

Plane arrived at 6 AM in Houston. Went home greeted the Mrs in the appropriate way after being away for a week. Also gave myself my weekly B12 shot because of the kid on the plane and the fact my roommate for the trip had been sick. Then I went to sleep.

Mrs woke me up at around 11. I felt like crap, but didn’t want to totally blow the sleep cycle. So I got up and went to Chuy’s for lunch. Still felt like crap afterwards. The Mrs drove home and I started feeling human.

I had a shoot scheduled for Sunday, so I started preparing for that. My new lights were waiting for me and I got them set up and the studio set up.

My wife had sent me an email asking what she could do to make my birthday unforgettable. I told her “blonde, brunette or redhead, I’m not picky”:). So that evening I had dinner with the Mrs and a beautiful blonde. I tried to get this slightly pregnant blonde to pose nude for me, but she wouldn’t. It amazes me how women can have such a negative view of their own looks even though they are very beautiful. BTW, the blonde is my sister in law. And I didn’t ask her to pose nude really, just to let me shoot her while she was pregnant.

Before dinner we went to the photography store and bought a 67mm UV filter and a Nikon Lens pen. Then we went to Churrassco’s which has the best steak in the world.

I wanted to go out after that, but I was totally exhausted. Went home and slept for close to 12 hours.

That was my birthday.