Why do I give blood?


Took time out of my morning today to give blood. I try to do this 4 times a year. Sometimes I do it because they come to me. For example our church has a Sunday morning blood drive 2 times a year. But often I do it because its time and I go to the local bank and give.

But why? I was wondering why people give blood. Why do they take time out of their day for no monetary gain, endure a little pain and give blood.

The obvious answer is the cookies and t-shirts. No I’m kidding. The obvious answer is the fact one unit of blood can save three lives.

For me it is something I can do pretty easily and can make a big difference in people’s lives. There are things we can do in the world if we put a lot of effort into them that can make a difference in people’s lives. I’m too lazy and shallow to do much of that. But giving blood isn’t that hard and it really matters.

So why don’t you give blood?

P.S. Someone should make a blood doner badge for bloggers. Then people could post it on their blogs and encourage other bloggers.

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