May Rain This Weekend

I’m writing this on the North side of Houston, Texas. Right now everyone is thinking and talking about Rita. It’s not unusual for Texans to talk about a Rita that will wipe you out, but normally it involves tequila and not Cat 5 winds.

We’re doing some preparing. We like to think were “into” preparedness, but when the most likely disaster – a hurricane – comes knocking, we realize just what’s missing. So I went of NOAA’s hurricane preparedness list. I’ll be making a trip to the sporting goods store. The Mrs and I may make a run to Costco for non-perishable food, and we need to figure out how to store 28+ gallons of water.

Of course my boss pointed out that while everyone is getting all in a uproar, and they are starting to evacuate Galveston today, the NOAA is saying there is only a 9% chance Galveston will get hit. Though the plot shows it almost directly hitting.

Oh and the Mrs is going to Orlando this weekend. She may miss all the fun.

UPDATE: Looks like the Galveston probability is up to 11% and the Texas coast is about 60% of the total. I’m not going to keep updating as it changes. Assume these numbers were as of 11 AM.

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