Don’t Stand There Do Something


….is not always the best way to handle things. From Powerline about the Katrina Relief Appropriation Bill.

No one made any calculations to come up with the $50 billion number; it was just nice and round. No one has a plan as to how it should be spent. No one has prioritized projects. No one has put any controls on what FEMA does with the money. Congress has just handed FEMA $50 billion and said: “Here, spend this please. And there’s lots more coming.” As a conservative, I find this scary; but what makes it downright weird is that many of the Congressmen and Senators who passed the $50 billion more or less by acclamation, and who will appropriate much more in the months to come, are at the same time denouncing FEMA for rank incompetence. Why would you give $50 billion, with no controls or even suggestions as to how it might be spent, to an agency you think is inept?

I don’t do a lot of posting about Politics, last post was September 6th and was more about blogging than politics. And I constantly needle my wife about her focus on it and on reading “right wing wacko” blogs all the time. But a post by a lefty on how he likes to cuss when discussing the incredible stupidness of conservative bloggers, got me to read Powerline today and inspired me to add them to the blogroll.

Sometimes the government is so incredibly stupid you’d think the right and the left could agree. I realize both may have difficulty agreeing on many things they believe are gross stupidity. But I’d think the government saying spend $50 billion because we need to show we are doing something, would be one of the things they could agree on.

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