My Wife Is Leaving Me


The Mrs has decided she’s evacuating tomorrow. Personally I think it’s too soon to decide if we need to leave. If it hits directly on Houston/Galveston we could have some serious weather in Kingwood. If it hits where they are predicting right now, we might get some rain.

When dealing with any risk you have to evaluate the cost vs the risk. If the risk is low, even if the event’s impact is high, you can do less. If we evacuate it will cost money. It will keep us from our home for probably days.

So what’s the most likely thing that will happen? We’ll get some high winds and heavy rain. When this happen before in 1983,…..

Well I just read the Wikipedia entry on Alicia and it was a Cat 3, with winds topping out at 115 MPH. But Rita is 150+ right now. So maybe the Mrs is not totally wrong to be freaking out.

So we may be leaving. I was kind of looking forward to blogging the storm, even if it probably wouldn’t be live. And I bought a new shotgun. Maybe I can take it with me an try it out at a range in Dallas. We’ll be going to Dallas first, and maybe on to my parents in Arkansas.

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