Darren Rowse Podcast

I’ve been reading Darren Rowse’s blog ProBlogger and he mentioned he had done an interview on the G’Day World podcast.

It is a fascinating verbal walkabout – sorry couldn’t resist – talking about everything from the bible, to making money blogging, to church, to Paris Hilton. I kind of wish I’d live blogged it as I was listening, because there were a lot of times it made me think in a deeper way than I normally do. But I was working and they actually expect me to write code.

On discussing the Emergent Church. I’m currently attending a mainline denominational church, but long to be going to a more real church. One who asks questions like, what should the church be, do and look like. And then changes to be that way. But mostly they only see it through their traditional paradigms. I used to go to a church like that and I trained and planned for starting a church like that. But now I try not to think about it much.

I also enjoyed the interaction between the interviewer, Cameron Reilly, who said “I don’t consider myself and athiest, but a scientist”, and Darren’s authentic Christianity. And Mike gets to ask anything – as seekers are wont to do – and Darren has to deal with direct questions. It is interesting to me how people react when a Christian gives an honest, non-black and white answer. Reminds me of Larry King’s interview of Joel Olsten a few weeks ago.

On making money blogging. Darren already has some really good stuff on this on his blog. But one thing that struck me from the podcast was how many blogs he has. And how he’ll create transitory ones to capitalize on a moment.

Made me wonder if I could do a passing interest blog?