Did Guns Get Him Fired?

My wife pointed to a page describing Joe Huffman’s firing. It is a detailed look at how he used log files to determine who was reading his blog and what they were reading.

First it is fascinating to see how much you can learn from your logs. I knew you could because I did some of this kind of stuff when I wrote my book on Tango. I often wish I could write code to track users now, to see where they go and how.

After reading the whole thing I found one glaring problem. Joe says that he could determine what computer was used to access his site and could tell that someone was coming to his site from inside PNNL. He could tell when a specific person (Una Carriera) involved in his investigation came, presumably because he knew her computer address/name. Another person started looking at his site at the same time that he codenamed PUCK.

He assumes this person was one of the investigators. He may be right, but he might not. Might just be another employee with an interest in guns, or him. Matter of fact it might be another pro-gun employee who got caught up in the case.

Might be just who he says though. The fact they searched specifically for him via Google could be damming. Of course could just be another interested person.

It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Boomershoot sounds interesting as well.

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  1. Joe Huffman says:

    The pattern of usage from PUCK was much, much different than anyone else. Read the technical report and even look at the weblogs to see for yourself.


    I’ve got so, so many people referring to my website (yes, I watch my web logs and know where people are visiting from) that I can’t follow up on comments I leave at places like this. If you have questions please send me an email.


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