Blog Roll Changes

I use NetNewsWire for my news reader and was going through my blogs and rearranging them some. I noticed that my Cold Fury link hadn’t updated in months. Turns out Fury is still around, but I lost his RSS.

But NNW has a feature called Dinosaurs, which shows you feeds that haven’t updated in a long time. Now I’m deciding who is going away.

Cold Fury just needed to be updated, but Stiletto Philosophy has been dead for awhile, so it looks like Carlene is gone :<

Kevin Site’s has been quite since Janurary. He’s gone.

Inluminent needed an RSS update. Though I did dump the link blog.

Tortured Artist gets to stay because, though Ray isn’t updating regularly, he is updating. And he recently commented here.

Sci-Fi High Fi needed an RSS update. As did Brain-Terminal.

Confessions of a Jesus Freak moved and I missed it. His new site is called Christdot, but doesn’t have an autodiscovery RSS feed. And it has a link at the top of the page labelled RSS, but that takes you to another page that tells you how to get an RSS feed on your website. Poor usability. I first dragged the page URL into my news reader, expecting auto-discovery. Then I grabbed the RSS link, expecting it to be the feed, but alas it wasn’t. Finally got it. And read the story about his daughter going to the hospital via 911.

There are a couple of other slow updaters, but they are still in there.

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  1. Ray Toler says:

    Whew! Escaped the noose yet again. =-)

    I actually have two blogs that I’m ignoring now… (for my more professional opinions), and for the personal stuff.

    The sad thing is that I have a lot of stuff to write about and keep thinking “I should update the blogs” but school has really made my schedule crazy. I’m in the process of working out my standard working schedule and hope to start updating more regularly soon.

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