Lost CD/DVDs


While in the Cancun airport I was walking past some high end clothing store and my photography obsessed eye noticed this picture of a red head in a black swim suit. Everything in the image was super-saturated, from her hair and lips to the green grass. It was compelling.

It was the store’s catalog for purses. I asked if it was free and got a copy. Went to the gate and sat down with another photographer from BOTB2 for a 3 minute wait. Occasionally I’d look at the book. At one point in our conversation I needed to show him my camera. I pulled out my headphones and CD case, setting them next to the brightly colored catalog. Pulled my camera out and showed him the grid in the viewfinder.

Then I put the camera away and kept talking.

Time to board came and zipped up my bag. Got up and forgot the catalog, and my headphones and CD case.

Lost were all of my CD backups of original NEF files from the competition, backup CDs of software including DiskWarrior and Adobe CS. And three movies. Shawn of the Dead, Office Space and The Chronicles of Riddick – which I had just bought before the trip.

Oh well it could be worse. Everything can be replaced. I’ve got the orginals on two different hard drives.