BOTB Picture of the Day:Kerriana

Going to include 2 pictures today of the lovely Kerriana. She was such a cute little package and my first model to shoot with.

My idea was to shoot her on the stage of the resort, with red curtains as the background. I did and there were some some blue backgrounds that were cool too, but my two favorite images weren’t those. The head shot to the left was taken on stage with theater lighting. But it is a close headshot and you can’t tell the black is a theater backdrop.

The other image was shot after that. We had a lot of time left because I shot so fast, so we went wondering around the jungled area in the middle of the resort. There was this little cove/valley area with these pseudo mayan sculptures in it. It looked cool, but I didn’t see much in the way of posing places. So we decided to put Kerriana on this table held up by some mythical creature. You can’t see the table much, but I love the pose and expression.