BOTB Picture of the Day: Pimping the Sponsors.


So I think I’ll post a picture a day from the workshop to my blog. And here’s the first of the Breanne.

The guys running the workshop were all about the sponsors. That was OK for One Model Place and Stare Magazine. Which is what this picture is all about. OMP gave us some cool swag including t-shirts and baseball hats. I’m not a real fan of baseball hats, but I really like the feel of this one and wear it often. Stare gave all the girls a stare bikini, so when it came time to shoot Breanne I told her to wear the swim suit and the let her wear my t-shirt. This was the image I submitted.

I’ve got another of her in just the Stare bikini that I really like too, but it needs some adjustment first.

If I’m pimping the sponsors one of the bitches got out of line. The Hensel Lighting guy was an asshole, and a bigger asshole when he was drunk. There were a couple of times this came to the forefront. On Saturday night we were at a night club in Playar Del Carmen and I’m sitting at the table with drunk Hensel guy and David Messy. Drunk Hensel guy – our official name for him – says to David, “No offense to these guys, but none of them know what the fuck they are doing. My girlfriend knows way more than them.”

This is stupid on a number of levels. First he’s a sales guy and he insults all the people who might buy his product. Second, he hadn’t seen any of our work, so he couldn’t judge. I could go on, but I think you get the point.

Second time his drunk side showed up was on the way home. I’m sitting on the second row of the van with him and his girl friend is sitting on the first row in front of him. For some reason he’s pissed at her. So at one point he asks me to switch places with him. I’m not sure why at the time, but it became clear it was to get away from her. Though he continued to mumble stuff at her I won’t repeat, but I did remember thinking if he tried to hit her, I’d stop him.

The other bad think about Hensel guy was he spent two hours Saturday morning pimping his products badly for us. As a result we only had 1 hour with David Messy, which was a shame.

OK, I’ve got that off my chest. I do like that picture of Breanne though.