What it means


Discovered a blog today by a solider in Iraq. The first post I read was about his CO finding out about his blog.

The one you should read first is called Men In Black. When CNN says “Clashes between police and insurgents in the northern city of Mosul left 12 Iraqis dead and 26 wounded, hospital and police sources said Wednesday. Rifle and rocket-propelled grenade fire as well as explosions were heard in the streets of the city.” This is what it mean to a solider on the line.

It makes me want to do something for the guys over there. I’m not sure what but I’ll think of something.

Yesterday I was reading an article on Fox about the new infantry gun and in the video clip it mentions a new weapons system that allows the gunner to control the gun from inside the Humvee. They mention it is being field tested in Iraq right now. Looks like that is what this guy is using.