Weight summary


Since I started Atkins May 27, 2003 I’ve taken my weight almost every day. It is all in a spread sheet. So today I did some statistics.

Lowest Weight: 187.6, June 21, 2003
Highest Weight: 212, January 12, 2004 (two days before my 39th birthday)
Average Weight: 199.2

Current Weight: 189.2

My weight was actually lower a couple of days ago, but I’m having a constipation problem and that causes the dailies to go up for a day or two until things clear out. Happen last week too. Seems Tuesday is my low day of the week, which is kind of funny because Tuesday is the day you are suppose to lose by on Physique Transformation.

I anticipate that by the end of next week I’ll be at my lowest in a year.

Did I mention I’m a record-o-holic when it comes to fitness? I just went back and found my weight tracking for my 2002 BFL challenges.

Here’s some BFL stats

Challenge Start Date Max/Start Weight Min/End Weight Length I stayed on challenge
March 3, 2003 207.6 193.8 12 weeks
June 22, 2002 190.2 186.6 / 192.6 9 weeks
December 2, 2002 196 191.4 / 192.4 12 weeks
February 22, 2003 (PFA) 192.6 194.4 11 weeks

Well that interesting. Haven’t ever really put it in the same place before.

Kind of makes BFL look bad. Well not really I lost 14 lbs on the first challange and I assure you I put on muscle. But after that my biggest loss was 4 lbs. You need to understand in BFL you are lifting weights every other day. I gained quite a bit of muscle during those challenges. Under my current QWLC diet I’m probably losing muscle too. I haven’t been tracking my body fat like I did under BFL.

Long term my plan is to get down to 180 and then start lifting again. I’ll probably gain weight almost immediately. But hopefully it will be muscle.

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