Model of the Week: AJ


I was impressed with April the first time I saw her and would have used her last week, but didn’t want to have two short haired blondes. First some stats:

5′ 4″ 120 lbs.
BMI: 20.6
Measuements: 36-26-35
Age: 27

Her short bio says she’s a registered nurse and a fitness instructor. Couldn’t find anything else on the net about her.

Looking at her portfolio on Garage Glamour (NWS) and on One Model Place (NWS), it is something of a challenge to catch her with her clothes on. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. She has one of the nicest, hardest bodies I’ve seen in my searches. My favorite picture of her is probably this not safe picture of her in natural light, black heels and nothing else.

I liked both this picture of her sporting supermodel underwear and this of her in red and white, but didn’t use either one here because of the previously mentioned stripper shoes.

Her manager/photographer is DK, who in something of a legend on Garage Glamour.

Model of the Week Behind the Scenes

How do I select which pictures I use on my site? I like to use two pictures of the Model of the Week on my web site in the entry. I have a couple of criteria when I go looking for the image. I don’t put nude or topless pictures on my site. I want at least one of the pictures to show the model’s face, because at least half a woman’s beauty is there, even when she’s naked. The other picture I generally want to show her figure. The other important factor is size. I can’t have a picture bleed over the end of the entry because of the strangeness of CSS.

I know that some photographers may not like me using their pictures without their permission. If that’s the case with you please let me know and I’ll remove the picture. On the other hand I provide links back to the source of the picture so people can actually find the photographer, which is good promotion.

Notice to Photographers

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