Shop at Sears

My wife posted a post about how Sears supports reservist employees, and I thought it so important to pass on that I’ve included the whole thing here, since I know most people won’t click through to read it. Sears – Christmas shopping has already started I know I needed this reminder since Sears isn’t always…

In Case You Didn’t Already Hate San Francisco

They’ve now outlawed Junior ROTC. I don’t understand how they can even be allowed to do this. ROTC is related to the federal government’s function and I don’t understand how a local city government can just kick them out. And of course it doesn’t matter if JROTC is doing good for the students in it….


Too few people have heard of these guys. Air Force Pararescue are probably the best trained medics in any military. Their training is crazy, going to schools from all the major branches, while studying for their own medic training.

The Real Reason Middle Eastern Men Hate Us.

The Mrs found this study about penis size from the Cairo University. They have small penises. Now we understand they are compensating by blowing things up, subjecting women, and hating Americans. Doesn’t explain why they don’t hate Africa. Maybe we should send them some pumps.

Green Grass of Home

U.S. solider growing American grass in Iraq. God, please bless and keep safe this solider and all his brothers in arms. In Jesus Name. Amen.

What it means

Discovered a blog today by a solider in Iraq. The first post I read was about his CO finding out about his blog. The one you should read first is called Men In Black. When CNN says “Clashes between police and insurgents in the northern city of Mosul left 12 Iraqis dead and 26 wounded,…

September 11

I took off yesterday to contemplate my future. I’m taking blogging off today to contemplate the past. Written while listening to “Red White And Blue” album Vicious Cycle by Lynyrd Skynyrd