Fascinating article by John about understanding women. Which has a bunch of good stuff in it.

Another article on how to find the woman of your dreams, ok really how to pick up women. Though it takes a certain kind of man to pull it off. If I were single now, I could probably pull it off. I know I didn’t have the self-confidence when I was young and single. (This makes me wonder how to instill this in my boys at a young age.)

My thought is that this won’t work with every woman. He’s got a method that works with a certain kind of women, which is generally the kind of women guys think they want. Hot and flaky. The key ingredient is the next component. If you keep trying you will eventually find the woman “of your dreams”. Much of this wouldn’t work with my wife because she has interesting boundaries that would get you classed in to the Jerk category quickly and you’d get the “Next”.

But the underlying principle that women want a guy who is self confident and not dependent on them is still true. For instance he has the little sister insulting thing going on. This works on women who already know they are pretty. It doesn’t work on women who think they aren’t. It just makes them feel worse, which as he says, is not what you want. With my wife I have to figuratively smack her for poor thought processes on her self image. (Have do to this with my youngest son too in a slightly different way).

For example she recently had a couple of students drop out of her class and gave herself two options for why, she was doing something wrong, or they were just leaving because they didn’t want to be in the class. Either way she was the problem. She completely neglected the “they’re losers who can’t take it.” Which I personally like and thought effective. She also missed they possibility it was totally unrelated to her as a teacher like a schedule conflict. Which was nicer than the loser approach.

I don’t know if John is married or single. Successfully married guys learn how to make their wives feel good most of the time. Do that and most of the other stuff will work out.

This is something that is simple, not something that is easy. People often confuse the two. For example in order to build muscle you have to progressively increase the weights you lift. Simple right? But is it easy to do? No by definition it requires energy and effort to accomplish. It has to be work. So it isn’t easy, but it is simple.

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