What do you call someone from Toronto?


I was over at the Accordian Guy’s web site, looking at some pictures from his foray at the For The Love of Breasts gala and noticed someone in the background. The guy with his hands in the air in the upper left hand side of the picture looks like my old boss from Pervasive, Doug Doe.

I’ve got an old URL for Doug, but can’t connect to either of the sites on it from work.

And what do you call someone from Toronto? A torontoite? Torontonian?

Written while listening to “Affirmation”
album Affirmation
by Savage Garden
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  1. Joey deVilla says:

    It’s "Torontonian". Or, if you’re from Vancouver, "Asshole."

  2. Doug Doe says:

    I agree… that does look like me, especially when I’ve been drinking. But I think I would remember attending something called "For The Love Of Breasts". So, it must be some other random Asshole (a.k.a. Torontonian).

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