First Roll


Well I shot and got back my first roll of film in my new camera. I wasn’t really going for anything special, just wanted to shoot some pictures.

The one to the left is the best of the bunch even thought my friend M is looking the wrong way. The thing I like about this picture is it shows how good the automatic mode is. If I’d taken this picture with my old camera all you would see is head shaped white blobs. Actually you couldn’t have taken this picture at all, because you couldn’t have focused.

This picture was taken in pitch darkness. We were all out in the hot tub and I wanted to get a picture that would catch the fog coming off the 100 degree water. I went and got the camera and turn the photo assist light on. It shined a bright light that let the camera focus. This is both good and bad.

Its good because it let the camera focus and shoot. Its bad because the light is really bright. Really bright, like you don’t want to look at the camera bright. Which is why M is looking away. It is also suppose to reduce red eye. And it does. I took another picture and I watched one of the kids pupils dilate close when it came on. I’ve found I normally want to turn the assist off because of its brightness.

The camera did a great job of balancing the flash though. So I’m happy. And the colors came out. D’s blue eyes, the green plant and the water color.

Written while listening to “Trans Am”
album Street Machine
by Sammy Hagar
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album Vegas
by The Crystal Method
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album Supernatural
by Santana