Live blogging from court


Well it is not totally live as I don’t have an internet connection, but I’m writing it in Kung-Log for later posting.

Have to make sure the sound is off. I’m tempted to plug a set of head phones in just to be doubly sure. But I probably won’t go to that much trouble.

I was suppose to be here at 7:45 AM and I left an hour before that. Traffic wasn’t too bad most of the way in, but there was a train through downtown Houston that kept me for 10 minutes. Then there was a line of cars around the block to park. So I was 5 minutes late. My attorney, who I’ve never met, David Sprecher had already called his list once. He called my name out again a little later.

Cops have shirts that have a zipper under where the buttons are. Instead of buttoning it they just zip it up and it looks like it is buttoned. Just a a bit of trivia there.

I’m also feeling a little sickly. Like I’m running a fever. Hope its just stress.

They called the 8 AM docket, which means the bailiff read each name. Got to put the computer away because the judge is coming out..

Well it is 10 AM and the judge just left on a recess. So far they’ve gone through a bunch of cases where the attorney’s did all the deciding and the judge just stamped them.

You can’t read or use your computer while the judge is on the bench. Which means I’m not able to get the work done I was hoping for. Can’t read a book to review it, can’t write the review. And since I’m one of the people who hasn’t been called, I’m probably going to trial.

Well my attorney just called out around 10 people and I wasn’t one of them. According to the primer I got from a co-worker this may mean I will be dismissed. We can hope.

I’m still a little hot and I need to pee, but don’t want to leave the court room because I might miss something.

Did I mention my right knee hurts? It does. My left hurts some, but my right is way out of wack.

There are a number of cute women here, which at least gives me something interesting to look at when I can’t read. There is a redhead a couple of rows in front of me that is slender and well dressed. Of course she looks better from the back than the front since she has a receding chin.

There were also a couple of other young blonde women that were here earlier. They mostly seem to be gone now. Oh well.

Apparently there are at least 3 lawyers who haven’t shown up. The pony tailed prosecuting attorney as made an announcement twice that he can’t talk to anyone who has a lawyer who isn’t here. And we may not be able to start the real trials until something is done with them.

10:55 Went to the bathroom and talked to my attorney. He said the reason I wasn’t called is because he thinks there is something wrong with my ticket. Specifically that there is no 100 block of West Lake Houston Parkway where I got my ticket. He’s talked to the prosecutor, but they want to talk to the cop. They just tried to page him or something and he said he was ready, but he hasn’t been in the court room since he signed in.

Still missing at least one lawyer. Judge came in and handled a couple of cases, then left.

There is a cute blonde to my right, I think my attorney got her off and she’s just waiting for the paper work. The is a brunette behind me that looks like an older Tiffany Amber Leesian.

They’ve been saying trials won’t start till after lunch. So if we can’t get the case dropped I’m probably here all day.

I wonder what a city attorney gets paid? I know my attorney is getting $100 a case and he’s got like 30 today at least. 3K a day ain’t bad.

11:03 David just got a cop and took him outside to talk to him. You know I don’t remember who give me the ticket, so I’m not sure if this was my guy. I do remember he almost got ran over to give me the ticket.

Can they do that? Can my attorney talk to the only witness for the prosecution? Guess so.

David just said he. They got me off. Whoo who. OK maybe not. They are arguing. The cop seems willing to let it go. The prosecutor isn’t sure. At least I know there would be doubt in front of the judge. David says calling the bridge 100 is hearsay. Maybe they weren’t talking about me? Or maybe they were, what other bridge could there be? David called someone else up to talk to them and not me.

11:09 Well I’m still here and haven’t heard anything. Judge isn’t back. These wooden pews are a literal pain in the butt. I’m going to stand up for a little while.