All Cameraed up and no pictures to take


I got my new camera. We needed to go to the mall to do some in-law thing so I said I’d go down to the camera place in the mall and see if they had my camera. Sure enough they did and the guy said it was $299, which was as good as I’d seen it on-line. When he rang it up though it rang up $349. He went back and checked and the $299 was after the $50 rebate.

Maybe at that point I should have backed out and waited a few days, but its still a good price. I bought my zoom lens at Adormama and their price is $339.95 which is only $10 less. I hadn’t heard of any of the really cheap places. And I have it now.

Of course it is raining, so I’m not able to go out and take a bunch of pictures. We’re going over to some friend’s house tonight to hang out and maybe I can play a little then.

I read the whole manual and the only negatives I found were the camera can’t shoot infrared film because it uses an infrared light to tell frame position. Also the view finder is only 90%, which is pretty low really for a nice camera.

Still I’m happy and it can do all kinds of things. And how much infrared was I planning on shooting any way?

Written while listening to “Xanadu”
album A Farewell To Kings
by Rush