Night of the Panther but no new Camera


Well I decided to be a major geek last night and go to the premier of the newest version of Mac OS X 10.3 aka Panther at the local Apple Store. While down in that area I went by the local professional camera store hoping to sell my 4004 and buy a N80. Also ate at Chuy’s.

The camera store was selling the camera for $400, which is totally outrageous compared to online prices. And they only offered me $35 for the 4004. I can sell it on eBay for more so I guess I will. I’ll also buy the camera online for around $300 with a $50 mail in rebate. But no camera this weekend.

We stood in line for over an hour to get into the Apple store. We Mac users are fanatics. Could have gotten 10% off any computer. The new iBooks are cool. Registered to win a Mac. I was fun. The kids hated it.

Written while listening to “Footloose”
album Footloose soundtrack
by Kenny Loggins