Getting my programmer on


I just found out yesterday that one of my shareware program’s – Suck It Down – buy it now button is broken in later versions of OSX. Obviously this is a bad thing. I need to make a code change to make it work. But I’ve been working on the next version for a while so my code base has a bunch of changes in it. So I’m going to push it this weekend do a new release.

So the Mrs. is off to her Saturday morning teaching job and got up and got my programmer clothes on. Normally I never wear jeans, heck didn’t even own any until I took my motorcycle class. So I put them on and an CodeWarrior t-shirt.

Ate some crappy food after a while I’ll have to get some caffeinated beverages.

Blaring out some Kid Rock.

My coding ability should go up 10%.

Written while listening to “Bawitdaba”
album Devil Without A Cause
by Kid Rock
Written while listening to “Baby Come Home”
album Cocky
by Kid Rock
Written while listening to “American Bad Ass”
album American Bad Ass (CD Single)
by Kid Rock