EBay the was it is suppose to be


As I mentioned before I’m trying to sell my old TIVO. I put it up on eBay on the end of September. It finished it the Friday before my Reunion and I was hoping when it closed I’d get paid right away via PayPal and I’d go get a new camera that Saturday.

Alas it was not to be.

I didn’t hear from the seller until Monday and he said he’d send me a money order. That was the last time I heard from him. I did all the asshat reporting to eBay. I waiting to do the last step because they won’t let me until 10 days after my last warning.

I put the TIVO back up on eBay last Sunday and it closed today at 1:50. By 2:30 the package was in the mail. I had payment with in like 15 minutes. And it closed higher this time.

As a seller sniping is cool. I thought it was going to go for $125 until the last 10 seconds when it jump to $154.

So tonight I’m going to the local camera store and attempting to trade my Nikon 4004 and some cash for a Nikon N80. If that works out there will be new pictures on Monday.

Written while listening to “To Have And Not To Hold”
album Ray Of Light
by Madonna
Written while listening to “Ray Of Light”
album Ray Of Light
by Madonna