Real Age


The other day I followed a banner ad off a web page and took the Real Age test. I didn’t know a number of things in the test originally like my resting heart rate, blood pressure and cholesterol. I did put that I wasn’t working out more than one moderate time a week. So at that time I had a real age of 37.8 as opposed to my actual age of 38.7. So I put in the data I found out this weekend. A BP of 140/80, a cholesterol of 271 (from the last time I gave blood) and a resting heart rate of 70 BPM. That changed my Real Age to 39.4. Ouch I’m older than I really am.

Then I put the BFL exercise program in and that changed it to 38.1, making me young again. So I have to keep working out if I don’t want to be old. And the BFL nutrition will probably lower my cholesterol.