Did my first High Intensity Interval Training. I’ve done BFL off and on for a number of months and usually just ride my bike for my aerobics. This hasn’t been high intensity, except for the first week. But I do normally ride for 45 minutes, so I get a good fat burning workout. Plus since I ride on bike paths that have people on them, there is only so fast I can go. There are also few hills here in Houston and it is hard to vary the intensity for me. And my bike is falling apart, which is another story.

This time I wanted to do things more by the book and take less time doing it. I followed the Upper Body lifting program complete with 1 minute rest intervals on Monday and finished in 45 minutes, just like the book said I would. But I didn’t do one set of exercises, which means it would have taken even longer. I don’t normally do calf exercises at all, so I moved back to Lower Body days. Since I work at home with PowerBlocks, I can’t really get much of a calf workout. It takes a lot of weight to work your calves and I can’t hold dumbells that heavy to do raises.

Today was the first aerobics day. So I got up and did HIIT run/walking. I’ve never run in my life though I always wanted to. So any running is high intensity for me. What I did this morning was first walk for 3 minutes for warm up. I planned 2 as a warm up, but my knee hurt a little so I gave it some more time to warm up. Then I set the timer on my watch for 1 minute intervals and jogged 1 minute, walked 1 minute 9 times. Then I planned to walk 2 minutes for cool down, but I was away from the house and it took a couple minutes more to get home. But I did do all the runs. Found I can jog really slow. It kicked my butt, but not to the point of puking. I intended for it to take 20 minutes. It took like 27, which was still shorter.

Hopefully over time I’ll get better and will be running the whole 20 minutes. Hussman has some good info on HIIT as on all things BFL.