My new zoom lens arrived yesterday. So I immediately had to shoot some pictures. I went out and shot the last of the roll that was in the camera in my yard. The picture at the right is from my front yard of a neighbor’s flag across the street . If found I can’t really use a preset aperture and still hold the camera still enough fully zoomed out. But I’m not really understanding aperture the way I should right now. What I need to do is shoot a practice roll where I try various shutters/apertures/zooms and write them down as I shoot them. Then when I get the pictures back I will know what I was using for each picture.

I have a tripod for my video camera and I need to see if I can adapt it to work with my camera.

I’m still wanting a digital SLR. I think it will be the top of my Christmas list. Of course now I’ve invested in a Nikon lens, but want a non Nikon DSLR. It can be worked out.