Hello Sweetie


Why do all my Teslas come from Florida?

Contessa by 2014 Model S was bought used from a man in Fort Myers Florida. I found him online, negotiated a price, and flew to Florida. He picked me up at the airport and we went to a local Chase bank, where I paid him. Then I did a 3 day road trip back to Abilene. Here’s a video I recorded during that trip at the Mobile Supercharger. (Sheesh, I was giddy, and it so sounds like a DFL Episode where I talk about habits).

Well it was Deja Vu all over again when I got my new Tesla. After Contessa’s sad demise, it took me awhile to get the money together to replace her. As always happens the insurance company didn’t pay me enough to buy a replacement Model S. Eventually I found a site that focuses on just selling used Teslas. There I found a number of options.

There were two with in my reach. A white one in Edinburgh Texas, and blue one in Florida. I’ve always wanted a blue Tesla and after a little negotiation and FaceTime tour of the car, I was booking a flight to Florida.

Sweetie at Florida SuperCharger

The trip back was a little different this time. I had a friend in Orlando I got to see and stay with. Oh and there was this pandemic thing going on. It was interesting to see how the pandemic was handled differently in different state during the trip.

Then came the most important part of any new car purchase.

Picking a name.

The previous owner had never actually named her. He’d bought her CPO from Tesla, so I was the first one to give her a name. Because I refer the the car as TARDIS blue, there was going to be a Dr Who tie in. I considered River, but in the end went with one of Rivers signature names for the Dr. Just so I could use the line that is the title of this article.


She is a 2015 85D. I lost the Performance motors, but gained a second motor in the front. On the spec sheet, I’m pretty sure she’s a little slower. But she’s still quick enough off the line to get the girls to sequel. Other than that there isn’t much difference between the two cars. Oh, except about 90,000 miles.

If you are looking for a Tesla, one piece of advice I’d give you is to look for a used Model S instead of a new Model 3. Unless you really feel you need Full Self Driving, you will get a lot more car for a comparable price.