Birthday Car Fund

On December 4th I wrecked my beloved car.

Got an estimate in Abilene and thought it would be returned to me whole. But once the Tesla-approved body shop got to looking, that estimate doubleed. My Model S was a 2014 with 145,000+ miles on it, which means the value wasn’t going to cover repairs needed.

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So GEICO declared Contessa a total loss.


It was just a thing, but it was my favorite thing.

I’ve been a little surprised how much the loss has negatively affected my feelings. How often I used a drive in Tessie to lower my stress and improve my mood. How I used to go do things outside the house at the drop of a hat because I wanted to drive. How now I avoid driving all the time, because I don’t want to have to drive the truck.

The Mrs is getting a little bothered having to drive all the time.

In the past anytime the two of us went somewhere, we took my Contessa and I drove. Now we take her Prius, and she has to drive. I’m currently driving our old Ford F-150, which is a blessing to have, but is zero fun to drive.

I have a plan

I did receive quite a bit of money from the insurance company, but of course not nearly enough to get a new Tesla. And by new, I don’t mean brand new, but rather new to me. Looking at the market and keeping an eye out for a deal, I need $10,000-15,000 more to get a new one.

Because of recent changes in our employment, we don’t have much income coming in right now. That means it will be awhile before I can get another car.

I’ve set up a special new savings account that has the insurance money in it, and when I earn a little extra it goes directly into that hard-to-get-to account.

It’s my birthday, and I’ll….

It is my birthday and for the last few years I’ve told people I don’t really want anything for a gift. I still don’t want people to feel obligated to give an offering in thanksgiving of my survival of another year.

But if you want to give me a birthday present with great meaning, you can donate to my new Tesla fund.

If you clicked the button above, thanks for your donation. Every little bit helps.

My low cost birthday present from my wife.

I expect at this point my next Tesla will be a Model 3, not an S. For my birthday, the Mrs and I are going to Ft Worth to test drive one. I’ve never driven a Model 3, so it will be interesting to see what the differences are.

I’ve already picked a name for the new one…


Photo by Khanh Lam on Unsplash