Distinctions For Life Is Back


Over a decade ago I had a video podcast – remember when those were a thing – call Distinctions For Life.

Well after a very long time I’ve decided to bring it back and make it my main thing. But there are a number of changes.

It isn’t a video podcast. Or any kind of podcast. Or even a YouTube Channel. When I started bringing it back earlier this year my plan was to do it as a YouTube channel. But that quickly became a lot of work. I started writing blog posts for it.

Then things changed again as they often do when building a business.

I was in a mastermind group and was on the hot seat for DFL. I said to the group, “My biggest problem is I have no product to sell. I guess I could do coaching.”

By the end of the next day I had my first client. I don’t call it coaching because “life-coach” has a lot of baggage attached to it. Instead it is mentoring.

A couple of weeks later I had my second protege (better name than mentee in my opinion).

All those blog posts I’d written became the DFL Toolbox. They are evergreen content, meaning they don’t age, so there is no reason to think of them chronologically like a blog.

Anyway, Reactuate needed a new post and I thought I’d share this with the very few people who watch this site. If you are interested in DFL, either the free Toolbox content, or becoming a protege, I’d love your feedback and support.