My EDC As Of Sept 28, 2018


I’ve got a new YouTube channel I spend too much time watching, Best Damn EDC. For those of you who don’t know, EDC stands for Every Day Carry. It means the stuff you carry with you everyday. There is some variation on scope of carry. My gun friends will recognize the term and think it about what gun you carry for CHL. My geek friends will hear it as all the stuff in your backpack.

For Best Damn EDC it is mostly about pocket carry. Though there are guns pictured in some cases. After watching a few episodes I had to break out the camera gear and wait for the sun to rise to take a carefully laid out picture. Then I submitted it for consideration on the show.

Since I’m a piss poor blogger these days, I thought I’d share what I shared with Taylor.


What’s in My Pockets

The bottom is me literally emptying my pockets. The pen and knife I’m not currently carrying see below for more details on why.
Phone: iPhone 7+.
Getting ready to go iPhone X, but will need a new case. Story Leather doesn’t make an iPhone X one yet, which has kept me from pulling the trigger on the new phone. 
Putting a CC and my DL on the back of the phone changed my life. I very rarely now have to pull my wallet out.
Flashlight: 4Sevens Preon P1 in Copper.
No longer available, but I like its look and size. Runs on AAA. 4Sevens is no more, and I’ll probably be getting something new. Maybe based on some of BDEDC recommendations.
Headphones: Apple EarPods.
I love them. Think I’ll get a cool leather case so they have more class.
Keys: Tesla Model S key fob and 1 house key.
Having 1 key is a goal.
Pocket knife: Kershaw Scallion.
Carried the Scallion for years and replaced with the Ken Onion above. But that got dull and I haven’t had a chance to sharpen, so I pulled the Scallion back out to carry till I do. Removed the clip because it kept falling off and I don’t really use it anyway.
Normal carry knife at the top. EROS Flat Handle Large designed by Ken Onion
I remember emptying my pockets at the chiropractor one day and him asking “Do you sit on that thing all the time? No wonder you are here so often.” He was referring to my old wallet that was close to 1.5″ thick. I then saw someone mention Big Skinny and found their design innovative. Been carrying it ever since. I’m also one of those people who carries cash – I know weird now a days.
Pen: Pilot Precise V5 RT.
I love the way these pens write. Wish they had a cool looking metal body version.
The Most Unusual Thing: A Go-tcha Pokemon Go Plus Accessory.
This little device helps catch Pokemon without having to look at the app. It is in a MiPhee Silicone Case. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a black and brass chain to replace the cheap fragile one the case came with. I loop the change around a belt loop and keep the gotcha in my pocket. The chain makes it easier to get out when needed.
My wife is obsessed with Pokemon Go and I finally gave in to the obsession. Then I applied all my geek optimization skills to leveling up. The Go-tcha is indispensable in the quest to catch them all. 🙂
That’s what is with me all the time.