A Dream Realized


Was doing a little research into video hosting, and ran into my Viddler account. Mostly it contains my Beauty and Brains episodes, so I decided to watch Shawna’s.

I was impressed.

My first thought was Marc did such a great job editing that footage and cleaning up the audio. And Shawna was cool as talent. It was funny to think all that happen over 3 year ago in August 2008. And I’ve worked with those two so much since then and created so much cool stuff.

It reminded me of a blog post I remember writing about wanting a creative team. Three years before that in April 2005.

I want a cool group of friends, all of us striving to make it to the next level in our creative endeavors.

And now I have one.

Shawna and Marc are the core of that team. We communicate at least weekly on the projects we are working on. It’s not just my stuff either; we’ve worked on each other’s projects and helped each of us to grow and accomplish the things we wanted to. I’ve shot the concerts Marc has worked to bring to Houston – and Shawna has helped with that as well. I’ve shot promotional stuff for Shawna’s dance company and other projects she’s been part of. Obviously we’ve worked together on the Photographer And Model Podcast as well.

I should also mention my studio, Houston Skyline Studio and studio partners. We help each other grow and support our photography habits. That began in September 2006, with Bob Warren and Bobby Gilbert. Since then it has morphed and changed, but Bob and I are still involved – though I almost quit in 2009. Now my partners include Jerry Brown and John Watson. We are involved not only in our own stuff, but helping other photographers via our workshop and affiliate programs.

Sometimes you forget how far you’ve come. Then you see something from years ago and are surprised by the new perspective.


  1. Suanna says:

    That is way cool that you can go back and trace that. It also illustrates the idea that you usually have to start looking for something in order to find it.

    Perhaps I need to think about where I want to go and what I want to do and how I might be able to get there.

    1. Ron says:

      Maybe you should look back at your old posts where you said you wanted something and see if any of them have been realized.

      Bet the ones where you said you wanted to have more publications have been surpassed.

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