Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-09

  • [Reactuate] Drawing From Concealment #
  • still sick, but the pukiing has stpped> There are advantages to having a best friend who is a Dr. #
  • [EMSNewbie] SP 03 Dr Bill Drees – #EMS #
  • iPhonECG The ECG Geeks coolest gadget ever! #EMS via @engadget #
  • How to Hack Studen Motovation link added to the Dr Drees episode show notes. #
  • [EMSNewbie] We Need Your Questions – #EMS #
  • Who at Apple thought the ^ should mean control key and that other weird symbol was Option. So unintunitive. Not very Apple. #
  • MacApp Store just crippled my TextWrangler. Can't save files in places that require authentication anymore. #
  • @bwebster I knew I should have gotten Suck It Down updated. I'd be on the front page. in reply to bwebster #
  • @bwebster or rather. ColorTagGen. in reply to bwebster #
  • @warriordash We need some Warrior Dash Wallpaper/Desktop Pictures. #
  • This is a cool Warrior Dash image. #
  • All my good snacks are at work. #
  • Lots of progress on the website redesign. Now some sleep so I can get up early and drive 2 hrs to jump out of an airplane. #
  • Woke up craving snacks, so now supplied. Shoe string potatoes, nuts, chips. Breakfast of champions. #
  • No Skydive today. But I get to take pictures of two models this afternoon in stead. #
  • Ron is spending his birthday evening at ESD-1 M95. 6pm-6am #
  • [Reactuate] A Dream Realized #
  • At the studio to do some shooting. #

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