P90x Day 12: Just Keep Pushing Play


Finishing up my second week on P90x and it is good. I think my intensity is down, but I’m plodding along. I get up and do as much as I can every day. I haven’t completely missed a day yet.

I will miss my first day tomorrow, but I’ll do Kempo X on Sunday instead. Busy, Busy day tomorrow. I’m teaching a workshop at the studio and have to be there at 8AM, teaching till 4 and them interviewing a potential studio affiliate. Don’t think I need an hour of cardio to start things off.

As the title suggests, the point is to just keep doing it. Do as much as you can and hit it every day.

It is good to have other people doing it with you. We have a morning P90x meeting at work and it is good to talk about it. It is also good to know you’d have to tell someone if you skip out. It has gotten me out of bed more than once.